Capsima Kit – Nespresso Reusable Pod & Pod Maker


Capsima kit helps you to make coffee capsules in a quick, simple way. A convenient pod maker & sustainable coffee capsule alternative for brewing your perfect coffee at home.

The Kit contains: Bamboo Coffee Capsule Maker, Bamboo Spoon, Reusable Coffee capsules and Aluminium Lids.


Bamboo Coffee Capsule Maker

Our Bamboo Coffee Capsule Maker is specially designed for making the coffee capsule. It has a magnetic lid that easily pops open when you need to place the aluminium lid inside and hold it steady.

Its unique design allows you to make the coffee capsule effortlessly.


Reusable Coffee Capsule

Our coffee capsules are made of stainless steel which is Nespresso compatible, reusable, and environmentally-friendly. 

A Stainless Steel Coffee Capsule is a sustainable alternative to a single-use disposable coffee pod that ends up in a landfill.


Bamboo Spoon & Press

Coffee filling and press in one combo piece. Its unique design allows you to fill the coffee capsule with the same volume and tamping the coffee just the right density.


Aluminium Lid

The aluminium lid is specially designed to be used with our Capsima Bamboo Capsule Maker for Nespresso compatible refillable capsules. It made of food grade aluminium foil. It’s not self-adhesive so you won’t have trouble removing it or any adhesives leave on the capsule rim.


Help to reduce your ecological footprint and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying your cup of coffee.

Benefits of Capsima Kit

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7 reviews for Capsima Kit – Nespresso Reusable Pod & Pod Maker

  1. Nalepa (verified owner)

    The capsule maker is very easy to use. Especially the 2 in 1 spoon makes filling the pods very easy and convenient. I’m very happy with the kit and recommend these products to anyone using Nespresso machine. These products look very well made and I think they will be very durable.

  2. Dave G.

    These are great! So simple but very clever and no more scattered grounds on the coffee. I highly recommend.

  3. Rebecca Johnson (verified owner)

    The capsule maker can be also used on plastic capsules but not the spoon.

  4. Walter E. (verified owner)

    Good upgrade for my Nespresso. I bought 12 pods because it is more convenient to make them all at once and then use, clean and repeat.

  5. Leslie

    Easy to make and easy to wash. The lid doesn’t have sticky part which always stay on the pod when you try to remove it and become a pain to clean.

  6. Shel S. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic idea but pods didn’t work for my coffee. The taste of the coffee is too light. It tastes like hot water with some coffee grounds.

  7. Becky R. (verified owner)

    Genius system!! The spoon makes it easy to fill the capsule and the capsule maker makes the process easy and super fast. Now I can fill a couple of them quickly with my own coffee and store them until needed.

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