Which Nespresso machines does Capsima work with?

The Capsima capsules are NESPRESSO® Original compatible.

How many grams of coffee can a capsule hold?

A capsule can hold around 5 grams of ground coffee.

How many capsules do you recommend having?

We recommend having enough capsules to fill the used capsule container, so you won’t empty it too often. The used capsule container can usually contain from 6 to 12 capsules depend on your Nespresso machine model.

What is Capsima Kit made of?

The spoon and capsule maker are made of bamboo; the capsules are made of stainless steel and the lids are made of aluminium.

How many times can the capsules be used?

The capsules are made of long-lasting stainless steel. They can last for 10+ years if you take good care of them.

What can I do when I run out of aluminium lids?

You can support us and order new lids on our website or make new lids from kitchen aluminium foil.


Which coffee should I use?

You can choose your favorite ground coffee, grind your favorite coffee beans yourself or ask your local cafe or roaster to grind the beans for you.

Grinder: We recommend using a burr grinder for the best results.

Grind size: a medium-fine grind that slightly coarser than regular espresso.

My coffee is too watery

If the grind size is too coarse or you ran too much water through the capsule, you may experience watery coffee. 

We suggest: 

  • Applying more pressure when tamping 
  • or The coffee may need to be ground more finely
  • or Add more finely ground coffee to the capsule
The water don't go through

If the grind size is too fine or there is too little water running through the capsule, the water might not be able to go through.

We suggest:

  • Apply less pressure when tamping
  • or The coffee may need to be ground more coarsely
  • or Put less ground coffee in the capsule

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